ÉRIGAL has the pleasure of inaugurating
its first book club.

The ÉRIGAL Book Club brings together undergraduate and Master’s students from the four Montréal universities which have an interest in Latin America and issues in the region.

The book club meets four times a year (2019-2020) to discuss four books treating Latin American issues chosen by ÉRIGAL professors and distributed to students in advance. Two to three different professors facilitate discussion for each meeting.

The following is the dates and books for the 2019-2020 cohort:

> MEETING 1 - 8th November 2019: Bonner, Michelle D. (2019) Tough on Crime: The Rise of Punitive Populism in Latin America.
Facilitating professors: Manuel Balan (McGill) and Tina Hilgers (Concordia).

> MEETING 2 - 10th January 2020: Masi de Casanova, Erynn. (2019) Dust and Dignity: Domestic Employment in Contemporary Ecuador.
Facilitating professors: Thomas Collombat (UQO) and Jean FranÁois Mayer (Concordia).

> MEETING 3 - 13th March 2020: Holland, Alisha H. (2017) Forbearance as Redistribution: The Politics of Informal Welfare in Latin America.
Facilitating professors: Dan Furukawa Marques (ULaval), FranÁoise Montambeault (UdeM) and Nora Nagels (UQ¿M).

> MEETING 4 - 1st May 2020: Brinks, D., Levitsky, S., & Murillo, M. (2019) Understanding Institutional Weakness: Power and Design in Latin American Institutions.
Facilitating professors: Julián Durazo Hermann (UQ¿M) and Charmain Levy (UQO).