• Discover "Diálogos - Dialogues: a series of ÉRIGAL capsules", a series of interviews that highlights local actors, practitioners and academics from Latin America.

    What are the effects of recent socio-political changes in Latin America on the governance of development and on policies of inclusion, the social mobilizations that structure them, and more broadly on state-society relations?

    How do informal channels of governance operate in Latin America, and what are their effects on the state, society, and their relations? Is informality synonymous with the reproduction of inequalities in power relations and social exclusion, or can it become a space for political participation and power sharing?

    When political and social tensions reach a breaking point, how are conflicts governed? What is the influence of recent socio-economic and political transformations on the governance of public security and its practices? 

Chapter 1: An urban garden and her founder

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Chapter 2: Gardening, a political act?

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Chapter 3: Building ties from local to international

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